easter eggs: did anybody find the fallout 3/NV ruined book easter egg?

in the drunken hunter store outside dragon reach castle, there is a ruined book on the counter next to the store owner. if you look at it, it says ruined book. it is a ruined book from fallout 3/new vegas. what other easter eggs have you found?


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A guard said in passing....


"I know, I know, someone stole your sweet roll."


Fallout 3 egg.

I've seen a few burned books too.

Been  looking for easter eggs myself, found this this morning on the ign site.

Found a book in whiterun called Kolb and the dragon, it was a multiple choice book with different endings. Not really an easter egg but pretty cool.

Sweetrolls actually exist in the game. When you decorate your house in Whiterun you get some laying around on tables, haven't eaten any and I don't know what the alchemy effects are.

I've seen a bunch of ruined books actually.