Easter Egg (Noob/Smoke)

This is for the people who never noticed but if you press start when you choose Noob's Klassic Kostume you will see that his shadow is Smoke. He is seen quickly in Noob's combos and he is seen clear as day when you perform is fatalities and Xrays. Just thought it was a cool little easter egg for some (like me) who didnt pay much attention to that. Also, I like how Noob's Klassic Kostume turns a real dark blue to throwback to him being the original Sub-Zero.


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NOOB's new out fit when chosen, shows the human retro costume on his smoke teleport moves also.

Yeah I noticed the easter egg also maybe they did it because they were a tag-team in MK deception

Other easter eggs that are nifty are when choosing Cyrax in his klassic outfit, he won't be stuck in the sand in the background to the left on the Desert stage.


Skarlet won't be chained up in the background of the Koliseum.


Fighting Shang in his Throne Room means he won't be sitting on the throne, same with the Koliseum and Khan.


Fighting Kintaro in Goro's Lair leaves you with Goro on his throne, but nobody warming the seat when fighting Goro.


I know, they aren't much, but the little touches like that are always nice.

I havn't noticed the Noob/Smoke Easter Egg nor have I ever seen Cyrax in the Desert Stage.

Which side is Cyrax on?

Far left. Just move over there and you'll see him in his klassic attire stuck in the sand  just like the old stage. Won't see him if you have his klassic attire on. Don't know about using his default.

I would have never seen the Noob/Smoke if it wasn't for TylerLatern, I always press A when I select alternate costumes so i figured it was others who might want to know. And ima have to check that Cyrax thing out as well.

I was hoping that they would put either Tanya or Kitana in Skarlets spot if you were playing as her instead of just broken pillars.