Earth Defense Force: Insect Armegaddon

I am sorry to make a new thread but making a new thread is the ONLY way I can reply on these forums. For some reason it has not let me reply to a thread for about a month now. I have tried deleting cookies, and just about everything with no luck.  

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else is enjoying EDF: IA ? Whats your favorite gun so far? Whats your favorite soldier class?  I bought 2 copies of it and have been really enjoying it.  


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I picked it up at launch & managed to get a 3 friends to get it as well.  They all enjoy it, even tho they made fun of the title for months before hand, thinking it wouldn't be good for being only $40.


I just completed it on Hard last night, started on Inferno & I can barely damage anything, lol.


I have my Tactical class up to 6, while I got a friend who has his Jet up to 7.


What are my favorite guns? lmao, I have no idea what the names are.  I have a friend who keeps talking about his guns but I just pick whatever helps me gets kills the quickest.

The game is a step up from the original EDF but there is still room for improvement.  Mainly the menus & options, things of that nature.  The gameplay is pretty sweet, although I hate the "active reload" timer.

I can totally see the next EDF being a big XBLA game, kinda like what Section 8 & Backbreaker franchises did.

I also played 4P Survival, it's pretty tough.  I gotta get a 6P Survival Session going at some point.

Have been playing it for over a week, and I feel Vicious Cycle did  a great job on it.  Playing it co-op with good friends is a blast, and when it comes to the different armor classes, I can't say that I have a favorite, as they all have their advantages and disadvantages.  I've got the Trooper maxed at rank 8, and both the Battle and Jet are currently at rank 7.  The Trooper is a fairly solid character all-around, and can handle most situations quite well.  Battle is great for dishing out heavy damage, but sometimes can get caught in a bad situation due to his slower speed.  Jet is awesome for zipping around and avoiding enemy fire, and if played properly, can inflict some decent damage as well.  I've only started playing with Tactical, but once you get him to rank 6 or 7, I've heard his turrets become very effective.  

I'm not too crazy about the Pesticide weapon that you get with all 4 armor classes at rank 8, as it's just overkill in my opinion.  The Troopers Pesticide weapon does 500,000 damage in one shot, but will kill you and your squad as well, unless you aim it way off into the distance.  Personally I enjoy taking a heavy duty assault rifle and missle or grenade launcher, and getting right into the middle of the action.  I'm always up for some co-op with good people that use mics and just want to have a fun time, and this game is perfect for that.  Overall it's a 9/10 for me.  :)


My highest rank is only a 4 (Tactical), and my others are only 2-3 right now.  I got hooked on the Tactical the first day or two I played it, but last night I was tooling around with Battle and I quite like that class as well.  For the Tactical, I usually drag along an assault rifle and rocket launcher, but for Battle, I was running around with a shotgun trying that out.

I haven't gotten around to finishing on even Normal yet, but that's what the weekend is for, right? :)  I'd love to try some Survival with more people down the line, so if any of you will be up for some of that in a week or two, please feel free to give me a shout.  :)

On a side note, I finally finished EDF on all of the levels, but I am missing *ONE* weapon for the weapon achievement.  OY!

My favorite is the trooper at level 6.  I have not tried tactical but I try battle and jet armors and then end up going back to trooper.

Lately I have been playing lots of survival.  Gets boring after a while but an hour after I log off...I want to play it some more.


When I play Survival I play public matches but I try avoid the lobbies where the host is away from the console trying to collect the survive 500 wave achievement.

As I said I am currently playing survivor going for those achievements.  If anybody wants to play survivor go ahead and add me.  I would prefer to get six people who want to play than have a party of six in game and one or two people out of the six are just running the survival just to get the 500 wave achievement and not even playing.

Well the tactical soldier the seeking shootgun is great arm for those annoying flying saucers...

I have to wait for Friday the 22nd before its released here after I got a teaser of it in the US

It's not here in Australia for another week. Am going to definitely give it a try, sounds like a lot of fun, the classes thing mixes it up a bit too :D

I'm resurrecting this thread to see if anyone is interested in getting a team together for some Survival?  I know a few already mentioned it in this thread, but maybe we can get a few more together and do some major bug squashing.

If you're interested, please either reply here or send me a message on LIVE to say what times/days work best for you and what timezone you're in so we can get this party started.

I'll have to hurry up and pick up this game--cause I'd love to join in! I had so much fun with the first one.

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