Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon

Still no forum for this game but I am just wondering who else will be picking this game up next month?   I havent purchased a new game in quite a while but I really enjoyed the first EDF.   I wont be able to pick it up until the 10th or 11th but really looking forward to it.  Especially with online 3 player co-op campaign and 6 player horde type mode.    Hopefully it doesnt have any major issues like the last 3 games I purchased. 

Current release date 7/5/11


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i'm definitely on board with it

i havent played the first one but im definitely going to try this one, it looks really fun from the previews and gameplay.

I truly hope this one is at least half the fun of EDF 2017.  Still to this day nothing Iike any other game out there. 53 levels with hundreds of MASSIVE enemies on the screen at once. Some are taller than the largest buildings in the game.  And the final boss battle in EDF2017 is THE most chaotic insane boss battle I have seen in all my years of gaming.    I sure hope they deliver the same experience with this game too.  And I really hope there are not any online issues.

I have it preordered.  I remember the EDF forum discussions with you Camaroboy on how to get the last few weapons and the guy who claimed to beat Inferno solo with 5k health.  I can't remember the last time I saw a used copy of the game.  Small number printed or people just held onto it I guess.  

Yeah I was there quite a bit. Which reminds me I need to pre-order this game because as you said, they probably wont get many in.  I still have about 19-20 videos from EDF2017 including a small teaser of the very last enemy in the game. 

thanks to this thread it reminded me to preorder this bad boy.

Already pre-ordered. Cant wait!!!

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