Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon


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Sorry i dont understand this new forums but the question is if any one pick this one yet and how is like and is worth the $39.99.?

I purchased it today mainly because of the price, how it now has online co-op & because I enjoyed but never owned the original EDF.


The game is nothing remarkable but is quite fun.  It now has 4 different classes to pick from as well as a few other tweeks to the original.


There isn't many other July games i'd be playing so I picked it up.

Thanks for the  recommendation yesterday I buy the game I'm playing even the first chapter and it's fun and addictive. I'm using the jetpack soldier guy. and I like the way he moves and evade the enemy. Add me to your list UnbredC J J

It looks fun, but isn't the type of game I'd normally buy. I look forward to playing it tomorrow, but it'll probably be via a rental.

it's more or less just like the first one ... which isn't a bad thing .. wish they had updated the visuals more ... like the new classes and co-op.

could anyone tell me how long the original game is? i just recently got it because of the second game coming out soon.

Camaro must be having fun.

The consensus has been really positive so far, from people that were lucky enough to pick it up on the weekend.  The Insect Armageddon forum over at Gamefaqs is a great site to get the info you might be looking for. 

I end the game campaing with the jet pack soldier now im replaying again with the trooper for farming the new weapons so i need friend for play coop in survival and coop campaing if any one interest just add me to your list UnbredC J J