early reviews out yet?

Just wondering how the final game turned out, does anyone have it yet? I can't find a single review anywhere online. Regardless, I will be running a tournament at Wal-Mart, and then I'll pick up my copy and go home and play it all night.


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Well, be sure to stop playing and YOU give us a review as soon as possible, OK. cwatideedthar?

Not yet but I just got into the multiplayer, all I can say is WOW.  Much much much better than the beta and the graphics are gorgeous.

It seems EA are still deciding who can and cant have a review copy , they seem to be witholding copies from company's they think will give it a bad review

Also if you got lucky and snagged it early you can't play MP, since whatever they did to the servers wiped your online pass.

Campaign is awesome but short, 12 levels, short levels. Looks 100x better than the beta, no worries there.