Early Adopter Achievement unmet after reaching level 50

I reached level 50 and got a few achievements acknowledging that I've reached level 50 however the Early Adopter Achievement remains unmet still..
I've regenerated, resetting my level and upping me to Gen 2 pilot. So maybe this is why it wasn't unlocked? I've spoken with a Support Rep and they had me remove my account from the xbox, hard reset the xbox, then readd the account to see if this unlocked the achievement however still no luck.

Thank you for the help


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FYI, this is a long ongoing thing that many are trying to resolve.  If you want you can follow my twitter


also check out;




Good luck and I hope you find a solution, if so please let us know!

Its a challenge not an achievement.  Sure you check your challenges?

It unlocked for me,it should've unlocked as soon as you chose to regenerate.

Same. I got it unlocked for me fine.

I don't recall needing to regenerate before mine unlocked. I'm pretty sure it unlocked after hitting level 50 and before I regenerated.


That's great that yall got it unlocked.. I understand it's a challenge what does that matter. I'm pretty sure all that matters is Hey I pulled up the tab that says UNMET CHALLENGE even after I hit 50. I understand it was suppose to unlock. However I wouldn't be posting to this thread if that were the case now would I?

Interestingly enough, this achievement popped for me just fine. However... two different cheevos popped quite a bit after I had "earned" them. It was a couple of days after I had completed 50 Attrition matches before it actually popped up and I was actually in the dashboard part and out of the blue it just popped. Maybe this might be the case for you. Good Luck!

Yahh I've read of this also being the case for some people and the early adopter challenge, where someone had the achievement pop after they entered a match after reaching 50. However, it's been about 4 days of a 2-5 hours of play and still no pop. I'm hoping i can reach lvl 50 in gen2 in time and see if maybe i get a 2nd chance at it. otherwise I'm left in the hands of tech Support ://

Thank you though! nice to know that this has happened to other achievements as well.

I still haven't got this challenge even though I'm now beyond level 50. Time is running out and I want my challenge. Metal gear solid is another game I'm having trouble unlocking both achievements and challenges on.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.