Eagerly waiting for Forza 4

When this game finally arrives this fall (woo hoo) I would like to know if there will be an official xbox steering wheel available. I know they don't make it anymore but I am certainly not going to buy a nearly broken or broken one of ebay . Yes I could buy a Fanatec but come on, the price of it !! and then theres the price of the club sport pedals!!


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I'd like them to bring back the wheel as well, and to say I was just about to go out and buy one when they discontinued them.

I am hopeful of a new wheel being unveiled at the upcoming E3 game show, but I am not getting my hopes up. I have the official wheel but it is starting to show its age and I know I will be up for a new wheel in a year or so. It is very poor of Microsoft to not have a range of quality wheels. What is the point having some great racing games available yet only having one realistic alternative, a very expensive one at that!  For racing fans, a wheel is a must. Microsoft really has its priorities wrong sometimes.

with forza having kinect support I'm not too sure how motivated they'll be to put out a decent wheel to compete with their peripheral. if anything I'd say it'll be thrid party again

A wheel would be cool...but i'll just be glad to play the game