EA servers

Hi all,

I just wanted to say "hello".

I haven't played Xbox in ages, after a long BF & COD career...

What are the cool kids playing these days?

I started playing BC2 on PC, and after an initial control shock, using mouse/keyboard for gaming I am finally pulling myself together and getting some kills.

At least I got that everlasting question answered: while I have always suffered terrible lag on BF games on Xbox, I suffer NO lag on PC matches on hosted servers. I usually even have the 2nd or 3rd best ping on the server. Imagine that... EA servers DO suck.

Cheers to all my buddies from XBF and all the debris hanging around it...


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Cool story, bro.

Clean ur face, it's messed up.

Not a lot of the XBF are here often anymore. Too many bans for stupid infractions. Most of us migrated to the UXF.

[quote user="Nabukko Donosor"]

Clean your face. It's messed up.


For you. Have you tried setting the proper ports for your 360? DMZ your IP? Enable UPnP? Change 360s? Change discs? Remove the router and plug directly into the modem? Called your ISP company to see if they might be throttling your connection or simply blocking certain ports?

Sappnin dude. Long time.

@ Ruthless: I stopped XBox because I hardly have time to play anyway. PC gaming has been incidental.

Yes, I've tried everything since '95. 4 Xboxes, different routers, googled all different settings possible, setting gateways, modem direct, changed ISP, changed home address :-). When I installed BC2 on PC here on the same port as the Xbox was, lowest ping around (servers are listed starting at 23 ms, most games I am below 100ms, where most gamers are 100-150ms. I know for some europeans it works great, it never did for me. Always laggy, every game. Never had any issues with gamerhost games like COD series.

@ Harry: doing fine here, life is great, work is busy but good, kids are healthy. But I do miss the old community sometimes, had lots of fun with you guys. Say hi to all!