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Just downloaded BC2 from the Marketplace and now it's saying that I can't connect to the EA Servers? I can't seem to connect to the BF3 Beta either. is anyone else having problems such as these? Thanks.


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Did you download the Vietnam Update?

On the odd occasion that I cant connect, I just dashboard and start again. It works fine then.  

I haven't been able to connect to an EA server in weeks. I've tried as recently as a few hours before this post. I've tried on both BC1 & 2. You are NOT alone in this problem -- look through other BFBC2 threads here; look on Twitter; hell, look anywhere on the web. EA is notorious for their garbage servers. The game shouldn't be on the marketplace because the whole game doesn't work. I don't really buy people saying they're not having any issues either, because the last few times I was able to connect to a server, games were 4v4 or 2v2 & in the days right before that I had no trouble finding 12v12 games.

As for the beta, it's hit & miss but should be fine now.

I connected last night (BFBC2 Vietnam) and again this morning. No Problems for me. UK

I get this problem from time to time. I know the servers were down the other night for BF3 - the same night I downloaded it! BUT you're not missing much - they've turned it into a COD game. I tried to get on Vietnam this afternoon (a much better game the the BF3 beta if you ask me) and I got the usual "Failed to connect to EA online" message. I turn everything off including my router and switch it all on again and the problem goes away...it's a real pain in the @@@ though!