EA Servers still disconnecting... what did I buy a new copy for?

Crazy. I have tried like twenty different times in the past two weeks to get a game on Live. Nothing. EA Servers disconnect when the game is connecting. MS, you control everything, boot EA off serving already!!!



*waits for the "I haven't had this problem"


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I haven't had this problem...But really Im sure you have tried all the standard things like checking your modem, making sure your router is working, and checking NAT type. Im guessing this problem is only with Madden, if so it suxks to be you(no sarcasm intended) I do believe EA offers a warranty, send it back

I did check all those problems, no sarcasm intended, and this is only happening with Madden. If you had played more than ten games on this console I would consider this a serious comment. By the way, no... my router isn't working. My NAT type? Oh, the bad kind. Meh. What a scrub statement. I love you, though.

MS, you pirate and control everything Live, fix this crap.

Well jeez meanie I was just offering help even though it wasnt good help Ill send you a f/r and lets see if we cant get a game together

They cheesed you


To the OP, I had this same problem.  It's kind of rediculous the hoops we have to jump through to get a game online. But if you have an 8G usb flash drive, just transfer over all your Madden 12 files to the flash drive. Use the external flash drive when loging in and you will instantly see the difference in loading times as well.  I did this and havn't had a disconnect online since....