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No official NCAA forum at the moment and I may be a bit behind but I just found out that after years of waiting custom playbooks are finally back.  and along with creating custom conference to super conferences - Hey maybe Missouri will get a big 10 invite now.   .  i CANNOT WAIT TILL JULY 12TH.  


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The new NCAA game looks excellent in addition to the changes they've made gameplay has also been improved with no more "suction" tackles, blocks, or catches.


Here is a link to the series of blogs they have done on the EASports website detailing some of the new features and improvements in the game



And here is a link to the gameplay specific new features and improvements


the developers need to request one, and one of the moderators will add one.

I'm excited for madden 2012 also. The contact/collision changes r what I'm really looking forward 2. Real hits, stratigic hits, and just plain hard hits.....

I was excited to see all the new entrances. (But that is something I will just skip over time) And the graphics seem to have gotten an upgrade. But I am super pissed that we need to spend an extra $3 each for the two new OD web features (Super sim and advancing) also seems to be a lack of dynasty features. The whole coaching mode looks dumb as hell. The new tackling system and stuff I need to play before commenting. It looks the same as NCAA 11 IMO

I think this game looks awesome! Hopefully those changes in Dynasty and OD are a nice addition to the game.

What's up Spitfire, Big Red Husker?

I came back here to talk about NCAA 12, only to find there's no forum for it yet? I guess I'll go comment in the LEGO Batman forum :s

Anyway, here's the link to my interview with Ben Haumiller. I threw it up on YouTube, this is part 1. The link to part 2 is to the right.


What is up Kush?! I will go check that out! You doing a OD this year?

Yes, Spitfire. Should I put you down as Penn State?

We should have the full 12 guys. You, Texas Fight, PartyguyFSU, Brian and a few other guys that have been in my OD since NCAA 09. This will be the best OD, skill wise, by far. Competition will be tough.

Nah I like to use PSU for my offline dynasty. I will take Georgia if they are open. (Though I might change that once I get my hands on the game and play around with a few teams)

And yeah your OD last year was great! Can't wait until next month!

i am really looking forward to this years ncaa football game. what i have seen so far looks great but that may change once i get my hands on the game. go hawkeyes

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