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No official NCAA forum at the moment and I may be a bit behind but I just found out that after years of waiting custom playbooks are finally back.  and along with creating custom conference to super conferences - Hey maybe Missouri will get a big 10 invite now.   .  i CANNOT WAIT TILL JULY 12TH.  


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Kush: Just how has the game advanced?...No FCS  teams, no redshirts to injured players, TONS of bugs. They brought back custom playbooks but w/o create a PLAY and the the books have so many bugs they're unusable. Graphically it's a little better but big deal, only minuses. I just don't care about advancing online...i mean i can get on and just do it. As far as the $  I'm talking about buying up full upgrades for your players or seeing where competitors have spent their recruiting, which whether you have money to throw on it or not, is total bs. The recruiting online I wouldn't use unless you plan on losing minutes..and again...I could just get on and do it.

Not trying to argue, just wondering where it has advanced? We're all gonna skip the entrances anyway, so who cares about the cut scenes? Same $60 game, less stuff, more bugs

Oh ill also ad that I saw Nebraska will rated 16th in the full game.   which I sort of figured due to our fall apart at the end of the season.    then I saw our team stats.   B+ overall.    B+ offense - was really shocked at that.    did EA not see any of our games last year - they must have just watched us whipping kstate.   Because I figured we deserved no higher than a C on offense but was expecting a D+

Hey what's up guys.   I don't think ill be doing a OD this year, except just for a friend and me.   I'll be to busy work wise, to be in more than 1 and a small one at that.    maybe later in the fall or winter.   plus if im in 2 many, i get burnt out on it to fast.

Anyway we all know the demo is dropping tomorrow and you would think to prevent tons of flooding.   MS would get a forum up.    I don't know why they need a dev to request and not just have a moderator make one.   In fact instead of doing NCAA 12 or Madden 12.    They should just have NCAA football series, Madden football series.   instead of making a new forum for each year's iteration.

This is the first NCAA football Game I'm getting it looks pretty good. Dont think I will be getting Madden this year.

I agree with with Maniac that you should be able to redshirt a player if he gets a season-ending injury in the first few weeks. But I disagree that the game has gone backwards. NCAA on the next-gen has been far superior to the last gen.

The recruiting stuff isn't extra to pay for, you could recruit online last year. The pay feature is for the other online dynasty options like advancing the league online and the super sim app online. Which I'm more than happy to pay 3 bucks for. That's not a big deal to me. Most of use have paid anywhere from 80 to 240 MS points for a virtual jersey, hat or hoodie. So 240 MS points for the ability to sim a dynasty on my computer at work, that's well worth it. But you don't need it either, it hardly takes away from anything. If you go on vacation, you have to leave your game to sim.

And spitfire, Georgia is already taken. One of our original players will have them for a 4th straight year. Nor Penn St. for you, I'll mark you down as undecided for now. You can let me know after you play, we won't start the OD until we get the rosters anyway. So it will be a few days.

well i love the madden 12 trailer because it has my favorite artist in it soo.

I agree with Maniac! But I do think EA is finally getting it together and trying to put out a solid product! NCAA 10 was alright.,NCAA 11 was really good, NCAA 12 looks great! Even Madden is finally getting better. 2011 was decent, still a long ways to go there imo. I also hope 2k gets back into the game soon. I could be wrong.. but I think the NCAA exclusive deal is done. And NFL only has a year or two left.

And Kush.. If you talk to that Ben guy again. Wanna pass along a message?! 1. When the hell are we going to get tattoo's in this game?! 2. They should steal a page from Fifa 11 and have real refs. And each ref needs to be a bit different. Like one is quick to throw flags, others aren't. Each should have their own personality 3. The sidelines need to come alive! Like in All Pro football by 2k. You ran out of bounds, teammates would stop you. Or players need to run into coaches, jump benches etc. It's a small, but cool detail!

These games were better on PS2, why??? I mean they had all the div 1AA (now FCS) schools. You didn't have to pay xtra for recruiting stuff...what kind of crap is that??  You could redshirt a player on the PS2 if he got injured in the 1st couple weeks. Why has the game gone backward on the next gen system? Stop telling us how great it looks EA and get your stuff together, and quit leaving stuff out and using the time excuse. It only matters that the game looks great if the game is great...

i am really looking forward to this years ncaa football game. what i have seen so far looks great but that may change once i get my hands on the game. go hawkeyes

Nah I like to use PSU for my offline dynasty. I will take Georgia if they are open. (Though I might change that once I get my hands on the game and play around with a few teams)

And yeah your OD last year was great! Can't wait until next month!

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