ENOUGH already - this game got through beta testing with the hip check / tripping allowed......????  

This isn't hockey it's kill the man with the puck and they let you actually it's more like a free for all and anyone is fair game as the penalty calling has been severely scaled down.  And dont even get me started on how even more dumb the AI is vs last year.  Here ya go here's your piece o' shittt turd sandwich is what I feel EA gave us.


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We must be playing different games because the penalty calls are great. They get called 90% of the time when they are suppose to be. So as you stated in your first two words....enough already!

A few things:

-goalie AI needs a boost, they can barely stop shots from the blue line (even Price & Rinne) and you don't even have to juice to get that puck in from the doorstep (Price struggled to cover up a puck that was moving less than 1 mph into the net!).

-glass shatters far too often

-bodychecking is way overboard, you barely touch the guy and he falls down in a dramatic fashion

-Jets jerseys please!

As for penalties, I've only gotten 2 minutes in penalties (goalie interference LMAO) in the games I play while the CPU racks up a handful.

At least they fixed the broken stick frequency and the stick lift spam from previous NHL games.

what you get glass shatter often ? thats weird.never happened to me yet.

I want to get you started on the dumb AI.  GO!  

i havent seen the glass break yet either, and i have tried.

i also got the strangest goaltender interference penalty ever. i was playing right wing and in the offensive zone i was chasing the puck into the corner, our center got to it a split second before i did, so my skater flew into the boards and got injured, ricocheted off the boards, slid across the ice, and hit the goalie, and i got two minutes for it. it was epic.

the hip checking is retarded, and the goalie ai is severely broken.

Yes happened 3 times in one match, and once every other match in Be a GM.

Dumb AI?? Are you sure your still not playing NHL11?? You may want to check the box and make sure it the right game.

I love how you people complain about this game i  mean give it a break already the game has only been out a week give them some freakin' time to put out a patch or a tuner or something geesh! y'all like a bunch of men on the rags & ya just can't control your rages. Now that's all said and done i find nothing wrong with this game sure the game could use a little fixer upper here & there but i expected there to be problems in the 1st couple of weeks of the release but instead of raging about it i'm willing to wait for the patch to come out or tuner unlike the rest of you Hormone infested pansy's who want everything to be perfect right out of the box!.

They didn't really do a good job of patching NHL 11 which is why I got rid of it last year, I don't expect much fixing in NHL 12 to be honest but it is in better shape out of the box than NHL 11 was though.

serial, if you find nothing wrong with it, then you are not too bright.

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