E.A dropped the ball again

E.A servers have always been just ok at best but with the beta  and presales they should have been ready.

What do you guys think did they  realease to soon


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I think they "didnt expect this heavy volume of players", again.

I think they did expect this number of players. the beta had 9.5 million players take part. They sold 5 million copies in the first week of the release. They may have released to early but if they hadnt they would have lost a lot of sales to the MW players. This happened when they released BC2. That aside though, All software is released with problems and then patched and fixed as and when needed. Its just part of the process nowadays. MW3 will be released with its fair share of probs.  

Im also pretty sure I read an article that stated the DICE would have postponed release if they could have.