EA cutting down on BC2 servers already for BF3?

This is lame.  I noticed yesterday bullet damage seemed wacked for sure.  Why they need so much server space for a private beta most of us that got MOH are not even in it yet?  Why not trim the BC2 servers down once the open beta starts?   So once they hand out free beta keys out a week before the real game for server testing?  Heck its only July!  October 25 is a long way away yet there gonna kill off there last released BF game?  No one is gonna put up with laggy games.


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I hear ya. Was in a game yesterday and it took nearly 100 bullets from a SAW just to take someone down. I really love this game but it's getting really hard and very frustrating to play it much longer if this keeps up.

Am with you guys a lot of LAG this week.hope there is a fix soon....

BF3 beta would be a nice fix!

I was about to get on and play some rush, but now I'm wondering if I should wait for a while.

hmm... maybe this would be a good time to play my PC copy.

This has been going on for like a month now, and getting worse, so who knows when/if it'll get fixed.

I've never noticed much of a difference till I was playing this afternoon on vanilla. Once I made the switch to Vietnam, everything seemed fine.

this is sad :(

I have had issues with is Nam as well