**** EA and Microsoft, Give Newbies Some Servers to Play on that are Restricted to Lower Ranked Players Only!

I am sick and tired of trying to just have a bit of fun in BF3 and not having the chance too just have a low pressure bit of fun..

Battlefield 3 is one game that I saved up the $98 for 2 copies of for  2 xboxes so that I could play it on xbox live with a friend and was expecting some awesome fun learning it but it seems that if you missed out on getting in during launch and are not an experienced gamer then its actually a total waste of time because every single server provided is full of players that are so leveled up and serious while knowing the maps better than the backs of their own hands and take great joy at targeting newbies and stopping them from enjoying the game at all, Those players who squad up and hunt down newbies totally preventing them from even spawning or even having a chance to get in a heli or jet and thinking that makes them great players are j7ust idiots that cant handle actual competition by getting into matches with players of equal calibre. Instead they look for the easy targets who are obviously newbies and quite simply "dont let them play".

Why the hell isn't there some servers restricted by rank just for New Players to use or servers set up just for learning, or even a co-op level to learn the jet in?
Its madness that there isn't  at least a few servers available that only players under a certain level can get on! 

Surely it would make better business sense to provide a less stressful arena for those that are not so serious and who are new to the game to just go on with others who are at  the same level and let everyone enjoy the game no matter what level they are at so that new players do actually have a chance of getting into a jet and actually getting it of the ground or a heli in the air without getting shot to *** as soon as you get in it..  On any random server as it is If you are a newbie and lucky enough to actually get in the air you can bet its going to be for no longer than 30 seconds or  so unless you fluke joining one that isnt full of "experts" because there are just too many highly competitive players just waiting to rack up easy kills and drive new players away from the game.

These players that get into jets and helis and then sit at the spawning points destroying the vehicles, helis, jets. Those players who think its great fun wiping out an entire teams  tickets in less than a few minutes because they they are all joining together on one half of the "teams" leaving the other side full of newbies just to shoot the whole team up as they spawn might think they are awesome players but in reality they are just being ****  too afraid of  real competition from an opposing team with equal abilities and that just isn't playing the game, its just having some target practice at the expense of less experienced players, destroying people who have paid good money to play the game and who do want to get started and join the community but we as new players are simply not being given the chance or a fair go because of the server situation.

It is just ludicrous that there isn't any servers reserved for new players only.

I am sure that there are many thousands of players who just give up on battle field 3 and go play something else where they can at least spawn.

The servers are always unbalanced because most of the really good players are in squads and teams and sure thats what BF3 is all about at that level but its unfair to totaly provide for and cater to the "profesionals" and make every single server set up for only pro players so that the only place that new players can start is just as fodder and target practice for those that like to "troll newbies".

There should be some "Ranked Servers" that really are "Ranked Servers" eg they have a "Cap" on the "Ranks" that can play on them..

like servers for level "1 - 25"  players  for instance so that inexperienced players are not getting smashed by pros

There just  isn't any servers available for new players to just have an explore of the maps, or get in and try a heli or jet without the "high presure" and that is just unfair it sux that when your new you cant try and get into a jet which is damn near impossible  to get but then if you do manage to get in one and get it of the ground your suddenly in a battle with nothing but a machine gun, no way to see enemies and the "Pros" have all the fruit rader, heat seekers etc so it means you can spend weeks trying to just get more than a few hundred feet in the air let along actually shooting something with a jet .. 

It just makes this game  "not a game" for new players...

As it is without any "newbie servers" its pretty much pointless to bother joining any battlefield 3 server on xbox live unless you are already a semi profesional gamer because so its totally alienating newbies and very unwelcoming.

Very disapointing EA and Microsoft, thanks for taking my money and then not providing any way for me to actually play the game I bought because you dont provide a place for me to actually play with other inexperienced new players like myself away from the hardcore players!

I see you give hardcore players servers so why freaking not newbie servers too??

Things are so bad, the other day when my son had managed to get into an atack heli and fly it around with another player for about 3 minutes before getting shot to pieces by two higly leveled up jets he then got a live message from the other player who was gunning abusing him for being such a bad pilot and flying slow and bumping into stuff..  now that is just not on and turns new players off from even trying..  why are all the players in BF3 such tossers who take great joy in making the game misserable for new players?? 

Get your acts together microsoft and EA and provide "rank/level restricted servers" for new players or risk pushing new players completely out of the Battlefield altogether and loosing continued sales of the game!!


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Get better as you play. It's something every person has had to do since the dawn of time.

[quote user="Red Clown"]

Get better as you play. It's something every person has had to do since the dawn of time.



Amen :)



[quote user="Demonstoned"]




You will find no sympathy here, friend.  Most fans of this franchise bemoan the level to which Dice has catered to the under-skilled 7 times a day, maybe more.   Endure your trial-by-fire and get stronger, or not.  Your fate is in your own hands. 

Most games like to make it fair.

Others have it where you must go through a "Trial"

wow,  isnt there a character limit or something-also, forget about stats, and if ur playing normal rush, stop, hc cq will give u some breathing room and more than one choice of where to go and how to get there, also in hc u cant be 3d spotted, trustme, that is a huge deal

I agree with Vibroluxor there... I was in the same boat as you back in BF:Bad Company but I stuck with it. Now I can hold my own and dominate the air or ground.


Just stick with it and you will eventually get better and adapt, unless you get put into a server with a bunch of spawn killers...then that sucks. Most won't spawn kill unless it's been done or attempted on them during the match OR are complete D*bags.


Also you are right about BF series is best when picked up at launch, everyone starts out at the same time.

Hmm... A server full of newbies? I think I would like to join that.

But anyways, keep on playing. You'll get better since you just started out.

We all started somewhere man.

Regardless of your rank/level, if you're an enemy I will try and kill you.

What you describe is one of the reasons  that BF3 is so good. Nubs will be punished ,the only way to improve is to learn from your mistakes /thrashings :)

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