Hi come on EA and Dice dont like to complain but talk about game lagging on multiplayer lol :) Also what this que system u wait 5 mins then it says u joing a game then u lose connection to game and back to the menu also if im some times playing a game not all the time it says connection lost then back at dam menu :( when my INTERNET SPEED is working fine.Also i have to agree with few other posts here whats with the dam tanks if u shoot at some one then dont die unless its a direct hit what hell was u thinking ? Why dont u try this for real ill jump in a tank u guys just stand in front lol :)  come on sort the tanks out for god sake.Well aprt from that the game is **** great Homefront and bad company 2 im kissing them good buy.p.s im sure many other will agree with me about the lagging and the tank on it shoots it target.

Thanks for looking.

p.s post all u internet issues here if u had lagging etc.


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What's an 'u'? Oh, just a little known bit of information, EA and DICE don't peruse the Xbox Live forums. Might want to post on their own official one if you want your voice heard by them.

oo dam u never know u telling me they dont vist xbox forums lol :)  thanks for the tip mate :)

thats another sore spot for me.....have used the "verify" e-mail button one dozen times....still can't post over there....so yeah, here is where i do it

If you want to have your complaints taken seriously than learn to write out your complaints with proper sentences and spelling.

Good God that was a rough read...

haven't had rough lag in game.

havent been dropped since thursday last week.

yea i think its your internet.

i thunk i jest get dumper.

No thank youill type how i want dont like it tough dont reply :)

reported for spam

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No thank youill type how i want dont like it tough dont reply :)


stay in school... less gaming more studying.