EA and Dice just lost a customer

This game is a broken piece of crap

I tried to make it through the campaign on one run through only because of the simple fact that a month later you still cannot save your campaign on this piece of crap game. It's taken this long just to patch the game so you can save your campaign and all their recent patches still have not fixed this.

You cannot create a squad either, you could do it in BF3 but the following version is somehow disappeared. Another huge problem that has yet to be fixed.

I finally had enough on the Tashgur mission or w/e its called. I cleared the first area out, got to the 2nd area and died and guess what, the game wants me to restart the entire mission all over and get the collectibles again.

Are you kidding me?

I already missed out on a score point achievement on china sea mission because my game froze up and booted me to home(on Xbox One). I finally got the game to launch and it sent me to my latest checkpoint. Well i had about 5,000 points more than the game gave me credit for and had it not froze up i would have had that achievement.

I bought the game on 360 and because of the freeze issues in multi player and the broken campaign i was never able to finish it. Same thing goes for Xbox One

This game is such trash, i hate Call of Duty with a passion and loved BF3 but this game is worse than Call of Duty, at least their crap works.

Ive spent plenty of money on EA published titles and its been nothing but crap, i cannot wait until this company goes under.

EA you just lost another customer.


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you'll be back. We've all made these threads, and all felt your impotent rage. But if you are a battlefield fan, you'll pop the disc in, "just to see" in about 6 months (if you're REALLY mad) and find that things have gotten better. cheers

I hope you're right Zombie. I'm getting pretty tired of restarting campaign from the beginning. Yesterday the game made me start from monitor calibration. It lost everything.

yeah, haven't had that happen. try clearing your cache, if you haven't yet

I ended up just takeing a weekend and played the Sp nonstop and got all but 2 of the achevments

You hate Call of Duty with a passion but yet you have Call of Duty Ghosts in your recently played.....

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GOT HEEEEEEMMM LOL....ya no dlc purchases from this guy till they sort that freezing *** out either

You'll come back.

Most people will be back, but it doesn't mean they aren't allowed to express their rage. Everyone feels it. No one likes it when you're running a good match and all of sudden HERE COMES MR FROST TO RUIN YOUR DAY.

Yeah,It's broken on X1 too.

I agree, I have started the campaign at least five times (lost count) and have given up on playing campaign until I hear that it has been fixed.  That said it doesn't decrease the frustration with the fact that IT IS BROKEN, my money is gone, and I haven't heard of anything coming to patch the issue.  It would be nice to know the company has heard our complaints and is trying to fix this issue or if a patch is coming.  I would hate to think that an issue this big is being ignored because many of us won't buy battlefield 5 and the premium on top of that if we can't trust it's going to actually work, or at least I won't.  Now, I have also complained so let's see if they listen.

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