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Hi - Is there any (simple) way to change the age restriction on EA games so my 12 year old can play FIFA11?

Given some of the games he is permitted to play on-line it seems a bit silly that Fifa11 is age barred?





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Here is the best that I could find and it is not a simple solution.


EA Age Restriction FAQ

EA has that for every game online now. I really wish a few others would take that same step.

It doesn't really solve anything.  User accounts are just created with an inaccurate date of birth.

I understand why they attempt to do so, I just don't really see that it helps that much.

As the answer from EA  says "To access certain games, EA requires than an account holder age 13 or older sign a "Terms of Use" agreement." the player must be 13 or older and it also gives an solution, you can create another account that is 13+ or your child will have to wait until they are 13 to play an EA game online.

I'm totally against this. Makes me mad, so I won't elaborate. I'll be making my son a 13 year old account.

Ok, I will elaborate upon speaking to my wife. Companies wouldn't need to do this if parents would get off their laptop and go see what game their kid was playing. Xbox is not a babysitter, nor Electronic Arts.

You do realize that by creating an account with false information so your child can access age restricted content/services is a violation of not only the XBL Terms of Service/Code of Conduct but also the EA Terms of Service. Both of your accounts, the XBL account and the EA account could face enforcement action when you are caught.

Egregious TOS violations, yes. Age falsification, not likely. Agree with it or not, XBL and EA for that matter aren't going to cut their own throat by dropping paying customers. The TOS is there as a CYA measure. It is vague enough that they don't have to actively enforce the policy.....which they don't really want to do.

It doesn't matter if we are paying customers or not, the fact is we agreed to a certain set of rules. And yes, MS does enforce their rules. Proof of that can be seen in the MY LIVE ACCOUNT WAS SUSPENDED forum. Not only do they take action against offenders they also police their network.


The severity of the infraction is not the issue, the issue is the infraction itself.

You are conflating the argument. The point isn't whether or not XBL polices their network. My point is selling accounts, attempting to gain access to personal info, impersonating XBL staff is not analogous to saying a 12 y.o. is 13 or 14 or 15 or 16. Whereas XBL actively pursues modders, wannabe hackers and the like it's naive to think they just as actively pursue age verification scofflaws. The former impacts gameplay and other users of the network. That in turn impacts revenue. The latter impacts nobody.

I have a family account. My son uses it. Also my other son, who is 13 when he visits. My wife uses it to watch movies. Basically it's a second account for the house. Tem, I understand what you are saying. I'm not trying to be Mr. Rulebreaker. However, I'm handling this situation in my families best interest. I spoke with MS and they told me I can change the account to a regular account anytime. If I run into a situation where I need to I will. So far I haven't had any Issues.

I apologize for the earlier rant, my wife came up behind me and my forum etiquette went out the window.

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