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Can i buy EA Access yearly pass and download the vault games then play them all offline??


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No.  You need to be online, and have an active EA Access account to play them.  

Doesn't it work with a handshake? So if you could connect just to check in through the EA Access app - you should then be able to go offline, and continue playing offline after that. Rinse and repeat with every game you want to play, each time you want to play them. It just checks the active subscription and license?


^^  I'm assuming, because EA utilizes their own servers, you would need to be connected to those the whole time.

Huh. To quote Hubert Cecil Booth, "Well, that sucks!"


This just stinks, at least GWG works offline. This is ridiculous EA can't do the same and who cheat when it is five bucks a month. Wish I was more tech savvy as PC gaming seems to work around some of these mideval policies and game prices seem cheaper. Every weekend my xbox one is online but through the week I have zero internet. Maybe the hotspot smartphone handshake may work when I upgrade phones. I hate jerks who think everyone has internet=b.s.

DukesPaw, if you have no Internet, or very limited Internet, why are subscribed to EA Access? It's primary selling point is downloaded games.  If you have no Internet, how would you download any games?  

I was totally unaware that in the Middle Ages they had "always on" Internet policies.