E3 vs TGS. 2011. Which was better?

So which was better in your opinion? Which had the better games/announcements? That would be the Electronic Entertainment Expo and the Tokyo Game Show.


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Personally, I think E3 was better because it isn't cluttered with weird and perverted Japanese games.

Yeah, lol... That too. What gets me is their weirdness. They save all the JPN announcements for TGS.--A mass of the same stuff they've been pushing for decades. A lot of the Xbox goers never really grew up with Nintendo or Playstation, so its a bit of a system shock for them. Some of them love to debate how "different" and "creative" their games, when there are clearly others who are just tired of it. Not to mention every game running on outdated graphics engines. Looked like TGS of 2006 or 07 (although the new Ace Combat looked admirable in the graphics department). What really gets me though is the total lack of support for Western and European developers. Anyone see the featured video on TGS on the Xbox dash? Love the way the snuffed the Battlefield 3 booth. I mean, really?

Plain and simple, TGS is biased and likes to mainly support Japanese developers.  I might like TGS a little better if I was one of those weird kids who walks around dressed like an anime character.  

my culture bias senses are tingling.regardless i felt neither was good ,,e3 was mainly about sequels, same with tgs.plus the devils third wasnt shown like itagaki sama promised >:(

They were both bad.

Definitly E3.

You know, I like Japanese games. And I like anime. It's a real shame to me that the Japanese hate all things American.