E3 recap?

I had to work today and missed everything E3 related. Anyone know where I can watch what I missed? Or maybe they will put it on MP for download like a couple years ago? Any demo's or anything coming? They need to bring back "Bring it home"


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i'm sure you can watch everything on ign, they've always had replays of all the conferences and interviews up throughout the week and maybe the week after, and i imagine microsoft will put up their conference on the store, same with sony. i'm already downloading a bunch of E3 trailers that just came out a few hours ago.

I will have to jump online and check out some stuff. I was hoping to see the actually press conference. But oh well

yeah, i'm sure youtube will have a station devoted to an encore..... You missed a few goodies, betta start watching.....

The have something for you to use with the Kinect called fun labs. You can now scan objects into the 360 and become your avatar. They said it is available to use today.

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