Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Since the forum for this game is basically dead I decided to try this here.

If anyone has this game and enjoys doing the co-op aspect send me a message so we can get something set up.  I would love to get the achievements for the co-op missions.

I won't have this game for long.  I will be sending it back to Gamefly a few days before Kingdoms of Amalur comes out so I can get it.  At the moment I have a 00 Gundam using plan 3 and his pilot is around level 34 I believe.  The game had me use him since the start so I stuck with him.  I am still trying to unlock Deathscythe's and Heavy Arms pilots so I can start leveling them up.

Once again if interested, just message me.  Thank you.


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i am and i have a few questions for you