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Really having trouble on the last part of MW3 onVeteran, I do think I'm rushing it abit though because of the timer, I get into the poker room rarely and not far after that at all, it seems that all tutorials are for difficulty 2/4, I've done it on hardend, and the whole game, now just this one last part :@ any help?


I'm using noob tubes, flash bangs, frags, LMG, and getting nowhere, do I need to worry about the timer?



Going to bed now but some replies for the morning would be great, just spent all day getting the 46 intel items :\


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I did this earlier, it's a pain.  When your upstairs next to the railing, move to the room to the left.  From there clear out the guys behind the couch.  There was a guy running away beside the railing when I come out of that room, lay down fire there, then haul butt to the room beside the bar.  Don't worry about going behind the couch, it takes too long.  Just runn straight tothe doorway.  In that room there is 3 doors, the one you go in, and then 2 on the wall to the right.  Run straight back to the corner past the second door, and turn around.  Yuri should come into the room behind you.  Watch out as there are a couple of guys that will come through the doorways.  ONce you take care of them work on clearing out the bar area.  From there it was pretty easy.  Hope that helps you.

I noticed last night when I was collecting all the intel, that there is a checkpoint in the room with the couches, but that was on lvl 2/4, are the checkpoints all the same no matter that difficulty you play on?

i beleive they are...it took me a bunch of tries last night to do this, but MallCop is right as soon as you clear the guys just opposite the poker room Yuri clears out the rest and you can progress

This was a great help, i did it after about the 5th go, all I did was hide behind the bagage on the left near the balcony like you said and just frag, noob tube, machine gun them, until I got to a check point [you don't actaully need to progress forward to get a check point, you actually have to get an amount of kills [i think 10] so yeah when ever i got a checkpoint I just pushed forward, then before I got to the bar I just layed a full round through the glass window before you get into the bar, then only had 2 to kill around the corner, I didn't realise you can get a checkpoint without advancing forward :P