Dust in my Disc Tray.

There is a pretty healthy buildup of dust in my disc tray of my xbox. How do I go about cleaning this, I don't want it to cause harm to my system.


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Take the top off void the warranty and clean it. Other than that nothing really. Air can will blow the dust farther in causing more problems. Voiding warranty also will make it where they won't repair even if you pay;

or you could do it like this. It wont be as effective as takking the entire box apart and cleaning it but at least you wont void your warranty. Also, you might want to buy an air duster, which this vid dosent show but it will def help it get into the spaces you cant reach.


That won't help me clean out my disc tray, but I do have a air duster. But, as someone stated , you can't just spray it deeper into the system. I'll probably just get a cotton swab and flip out the bunnies.

If I understand correctly, you have dust build up actually on the disc tray itself?  What I do is take a q-tip with rubbing alcohol and just wipe the areas on the tray where the dust is.  I have been doing this since day one.