Durango Dev Kit sells on Ebay

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Remember back in January when rumors started leaking out about Microsoft’s next generation follow-up to the Xbox 360, codenamed the “Durango” but generally known as the Xbox 720, unofficially? Back then, among the many technical rumors that may have excited or angered you, it was also said that development kits had been sent out to a bunch of game designers so that they could start playing around with the early version of their next system and start getting an idea for what kind of games they could make in the future.

Nothing has been confirmed (or denied) as of yet, but it appears that someone with some seriously strong (and ballsy) connections has acquired not one, but two of these development kits, and has decided to sell at least one on eBay.

The first of the kits has already sold for a whopping $20,100, astonishingly. It’s unclear whether he intends to try and sell the second as well.

The seller, who goes by the name SuperDaE, spoke about it on his Twitter account, admitting that he didn’t need the second one sitting around as a leg rest, and that his lawyer told him to go ahead and sell it without worry. It also would appear that the internet has been on his case about it pretty hard considering his many angry responses and this picture to try and prove it’s legit. Unfortunately for he and his lawyer this might not be so true—apparently the kits aren’t given out by Microsoft, they’re leased out in order to prepare for the upcoming new system and still belong to the manufacturer. So, if indeed legit and knowing Microsoft can probably find out exactly who both the seller and buyer are, they may be in for some legal shenanigans.

Obviously there’s no games for the system yet, so that’s led many to assume it could be a rival company, like say a Sony, picking one up to see what it can do. Or it could just be a big scam, though the seller also claimsthis image is a shot of the new Kinect, most likely to be bundled with the next console (as predicted by some), and it’s greater ability to more precisely pick up on things. He also says that the rumored 50GB Blu-ray player is also included.

If this does prove to be a real development kit for the next Xbox, as you can see above, it may be safe to assume it will have some pretty impressive power behind it. Clearly that’s not anywhere near what the final product will look like, but it does have a PC presence to it.

Do you think this is an Xbox 720 development kit, or a $20 thousand scam?[/quote]


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Let's keep all speculation in an already created thread, in the appropriate forum. One is plenty.


Like Project Natal, Durango will just be a code name they use in documents and such. Although they may have changed that code name since it got leaked.

Also I figure if this thread gets deleted it's a legit Dev kit, if it is left here for all to discuss, then it's fake.

I know the rumor that the next 360 is called the "Durango" but I sure hope not.  

I want to say that it's fake, too. How would this guy even get something like this? Also, if it's so legit, why didn't he post more screen-shots or open it up and show us the insides? What is the buyer even supposed to do with something like this? I think that Microsoft may have set this whole thing up. Seriously, who the hell pays $20,000.00 for something that they can't even use?

How would he get 2, and who throws away 20k on something that is most likely a scam?!

well, dev kits usually do look like PCs. but I think it's fake, very few dev kits went out to begin with and those were only to specific developers.