Duplication glitch

Is there a new way after the updates to duplicate things?

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Please don't duplicate.  Please, please, please.  Duplicating means you don't want to play the game.  The guys that duplicate show up and say, "Hey, can I get a piece of cobblestone?  I want to duplicate it to build my house."  O.o  The day they don't get their cobblestone free, they leave the game and never come back.  OOOOOmg.  Even they guys that say, "Oh, I only duplicate my diamonds," they aren't playing anymore.

Wait!  I know a legit reason to duplicate!  You can duplicate the pieces to put back into the game after the griefer that duplicated the TNT left...LOL j/k

There is a way to duplicate that still works, but I would urge against it.  Using the duplication glitch will steal your soul.  On a similar topic, yesterday I finished a piston mechanism that generates sand, which is very useful to me, since much of my construction is under water and I've already mined out much of the sand in the game (needed to make glass).  I also figure that, if I can build it with redstone and pistons, it must be good.

Generates sand? Do you mean like makes sand?

And agreed duplication steals your soul, don't do it. But if you must, youtube is the place to go.

Yes, with 3 pistons, 3 sticky pistons, 8 redstone repeaters, 20 redstone, 6 blocks of stone, 6 blocks of sand, 1 lever and 1 redstone torch, you can build a device that actually makes sand.  Very cool I thought.

There's a more simple design that I am using. I don't have that much of a desert in my world, and I'm not going to dig it up, so I made the one in the video. It seems there might be an entity limit because the machine stops after producing exactly 200 sand blocks every time.

edit: If you stand where the torches are that break the sand then it will keep going.

Two problems with the design in your video from my lay perspecive.  First, it produces sand in full block form, instead of the smaller resource blocks, which means you have to take time to dig it up.  I like to be able to just stand in one place and have sand automatically added to my inventory because it falls on me in the form of resource blocks.  As you may know, there are two ways to convert the sand to resource blocks--smash them between pistons or have them fall on a torch or half slab.  Second, it is rather slow.  The design I use generates about 200 resource blocks of sand blocks every minute.  That said, it is not yet totally efficient, as resource blocks fall in a variety of locations, so if I am just standing in one place (while reading a book or whatever), I only get 40-50% of the blocks.  I have to run around the contraption to get all the blocks.

You can add 2 torches where the sand falls to break it up and you get 100% of it in your inventory. The part at the end, when he added the row of pistons is used when you want to fill in a bunch of water or lava. Other sand duplicators, that were made during this version of minecraft, got broken with future updates. The design I use is used in the current pc version so it'll last for a long time, unless 4j patches it.

I understand that, someday my sand generator will not work, but for now, it creates sand resource blocks so extremely fast that I wouldn't want to use anything else for the purpose of generating sand unless it was even faster/more efficient.  That said, I plan to build several different models of sand generators over the next week for display purposes and will probably add the one in your video to the list.  I actually have an area of my map that I'm dedicating to sand/glass generation (last night I built a "Museum of Sand and Glass" next to my sand generator--a sort of comic relief--with the lower levels being used to store the sand from my sand generator and the sandstone and glass that I create with that sand).

 I know what you mean. might as well make use of current game glitches, until they get patched, and then move on to another one later. I do find it amusing that stuff people have come up with recently will work in an update this far back. Makes me wonder how they didn't figure it out then. The generator I use was actually intended for filling in large bodies of water or lava but can easily be modified just for sand generation.

 Before booster rails we had to use minecart boosters but when they got patched it pissed a lot of people off. People built entire minecart station with them and then they got broken when booster rails came out. Man I miss those things.

 Anyways, people really shouldn't make too big of projects using some of the glitches because when they get fixed it'll just cause way more frustration than it's worth.

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