Dungeons & Dragons - Daggerdale

Don't see a site set up yet for this new Live Arcade game.  Downloaded it yesterday and played all afternoon.  I played the single player version until level 4, and then played some multiplayer.  Some things I noticed playing:

  • Connecting in multiplayer was difficult, kept getting "connection lost" error.
    • Tried joining and it took several attempts to connect to a party.
    • Tried hosting and it worked better but eventually that dropped out too (see below).
  • Played a halfling wizard to level 9 (levels 1-4 in single play, levels 5-9 in multiplayer)
    • During one of the quests (started out in a jail and had to fight in an arena to prove myself), lost all my button mappings, all my armor, and all my spells.  I thought this was part of the quest, and was able to pick up some weapons during the fight and continue.  After this segment finished, I was able to remap my buttons but had lost one of my spell points (lost the Fireball spell as it showed no points being assigned to it). 
    • Continued on and was doing the Rockfist Smasher quest when I again lost all my gear and armor, but this time I reverted back to level 1.  I stuck it out, again wondering if it was part of the quest, but it was apparent it wasnt' because the rest of my party appeared to have gear/spells/weapons.  During this fight, the connection dropped out (I was hosting), and I ended up back at the main menu.  My level 9 wizard is now at the main screen as a level 1 character, no armor, no spells, and stuck in the "Rockfist Smasher" quest. 
  • Multiplayer sessions might be better suited if they showed a "level" range, or something along those lines so that people can team up with players closer to their level.

Overall I really enjoy the game, just disappointed that I lost those levels.  I'm hoping these issues can be fixed and a more stable multiplayer environment will result.


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Daggerdale is still buggy. Hopefully an update will be out soon.

Well Atari has a forum for Daggerdale up.Go there! ALEAST you will be able to talk about the game there.