Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Unplayable because of glitches

I bought this game because I read on the Atari forum they had a patch out and it was just waiting certification from Microsoft. 


I figured how glitched can it be, and since there's a patch out it shouldn't be too long.  Well after playing for 30minutes with my friend online(who I also convinced to get the game) we had to stop playing because of all the issues.

This game is really unplayable with all it's glitches and I'm very surprised Microsoft would sell such a glitched game on their Marketplace.

Now the developer that created the game is SHUT DOWN.


That means there will be no update for the unplayable game.

In the Atari forum someone said they contacted XBOX Support and was told "They checked both xbox usa and euro and they said they could find no information on a patch in certification for the game within their technical departments"

Which means Atari lied about the patch and since Bedlam is officially closed down, my question to MS is:

Why are you selling an unplayable game to your customers (knowing it will never be patched)?


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