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  It seems the 360 and consoles in general lack any real niche of dungeon running games, as it seems the genre has become dead for no apparent reason.  The recently released Torchlight and Dungeons and Dragons titles seem to indicate that this genre has potential to make a leap onto the Xbox.  I see no real reason why developers are not making these games.  Due to the void created by Diablo 3 being in development for what seems to be an eternity, I know that there are a ton of gamers who would love to see some high quality dungeon running games.  Torchlight was a great starting point, but it lacked in content and complexity that the genre is known for.  Does anyone else believe there is a demand for these types of games which in turn justifies developers to develop :( some of these titles?  I stated above in my first sentence that the genre has become dead.  While that may be an overstatement it is just how I feel about the genre; having not seen any good DR games in a long time.


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Today's devs make what is hot at the moment...  Mindless, dumbed-down, cookie-cutter titles (mostly shooters of one kind or another). Since nobody will put the time, effort or money behind something that's not like everything else, we have stagnation. Todays gaming scene is littered by a few stale genres with little hope for relief, barring another great crash.