dungeon not cleared?

(not a spoiler) hey so i just did the side quest "laid to rest" and at the end where you have to raid the cave called Movarth's Lair, i killed everybody(including the boss) in there and didn't seem to be any big chests with worthy stuff so i should have it say cleared but for some reason it does not say cleared, does anyone have any tips or pointers they can give me?


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Some misc. quests might have you go back to the same dungeon.

I had to go back in on one quest and open a gate to a place I had already cleared out.

Everyone was already dead so it was the easiest XP I ever got. :)

ohhh didnt think of that, thanks now i wont worry about it, thought it was a glitch or something, but im happy its not lol

Same thing happened to me, same lair!

You don't get xp for quests....   Just sayin..