dungeon defenders

dungeon defenders

where is this game to download on xbla.


the write up and screens are there but nothing else.


no price ,no demo, nothing. has a release date of 30/6/11 so whats going on.



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Still in certification. Probably failed to pass.

Is there a time frame for how long the certification process is? The devs of Dungeon Defenders have gotten no news from Microsoft.

i dont know but im royally pissed this hasent come out yet, microsoft is sitting on there fat asses letting this potentially money making block buster sit on the shelf and collect dust, i played this on my tablet and became instantly addicted before i knew it i shelled out over 40$ just to get some updated equipment and maximize my characters... this game is a 5 out of 5 stars and some lazy moron is eating cheetos pondering doing real work today to get this out to gamers...shame on him

It has finally passed certification sometime this last week according to Trendy Entertainments twitter, I think what really delayed it was the fact that they were going for cross platform co op multiplayer, I am sure that MS was against it because they are the only ones not on the list on this article. www.poweredbygamespy.com/.../trendy-entertainment

I guess its on MS to fit it into the schedule now.

Really want this on box, but if it comes to PS network first............

add me if you play this game