Dumb but very funny...............

I was just on Damavand Peak earlier and i was placing AT mines down outside the enemy spawn when i got caught and shot in the back,Anyway as i was watching the kill cam i watched the guy that killed me stand there for a second trying to figure out how to blow up my mines.So what does he do?...................First he pulls out his stinger and tries that but not having any luck he lays prone next to a mine and pulls out his repair tool!I LMFAO!I did'nt see the result of this exercise cos my kill cam went off but if that had of even worked he be dead.Lol


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I would also like to see the results of that. lol    The little mini RC repair torch tank can disable the mines but I am pretty dang sure the repair torch doesnt.   Still would have been hilarious to see in the kill cam for sure. lol

Haha, the repair tool really does disarm AT mines, everyone try it, LOL

Really???Lol,I was laughing at that for a full minute.Its a torch,It blows fire!I may have to try.

Yeah it really works, no jk, its BF nothing works as its ment to.

Usually I am equipped with mines but I will have to try the blow torch on the enemy mines.  Even if I fail and blow up it will be well worth the laugh.   :)

Lol,Engineer is my most used class,I'm around rank 301 or something in the world and i did not know this.I am the dumbass!.Heh