Duels 2012 Deck Tracker (download)

I know, I have too much time on my hands... but I always love a good excuse to diddle around with Excel. I created this Excel doc so I could toy with my decks when I'm away from the Xbox. It's got all of the 2012 decks (including unlockables) populated, mana-curve graphs, and each deck is saved at its default (new game) state. Let me know if you guys (and ladies) find this valuable, and feel free to make suggestions for improvements!

Download the Duels 2012 Deck Tracker HERE.


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Great job man...I'll be using this.

I've only looked at the Machinations tab so far, but it looks like some of your formulas are off.  Easy enough fix (for those familiar with Excel), but you might want to take a look.  As for suggestions, I'd say add "Sums" at the bottom of the "Qty" column and/or to the right of the Mana Curve figures.  Also, if you could figure out what formula the game uses to determine the land in the decks, this thing would be golden.

Fixed the formula errors and added totals to mana curve and total cards. Uploaded v1.1. Will look into the mana calculations.

I dunno about the mana calcs in-game... pretty bizarre stuff. Been trying to figure it out all morning. The mono-color decks follow a pretty straightforward "1 mana for 2 cards" ratio, but the multi-color decks are a bit weird. It definitely seems like the overall mana cost of a card is being factored-in, not just the "color" cost (excluding non-color). Adding a 2BB card to the Ancient Depths deck will add more land whereas a 3B will not. But it's not exactly consistent. Anyone else done any testing to figure out how they calculate the land ratio?