Dual wield question

Is it better to use Slight of Hand or Steady aim with dual wield weapons (I'm using the PM63s if it makes any difference). Is the PM63 a good gun to use dual wield - I've only just started with the whole "two gun thing" so haven't experimented much yet.


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Steady Aim especially with the PM63

I use steady aim with the scorpions. But I just recently started doing dual wield too. The reason being is I want something challenging and different.

steady aim, or hardened.

With dual weild, if you fire them a bit out of time, you can always have one full of ammo if you need it, so no need for soh.

Steady Aim IS mainly for the dual weild attachment.

I find I dont really need SA when dual wielding.  Dual wielding requires a rushing mentality so I think its inherently better to stick on the move hit em from the sides and just hose em down with everything you got.  Scavenger at perk one makes this very easy.  Tac mask in the third slot allows you to create a lot confusion if your flinging gas into rooms before you storm in as well.

Set up multiple dualie classes and try them each out during the same match to see what works best for you.

PM-63 dual wield is awful even with steady aim, I use it once in a while because they look sexy as hell in gold camo.  But trying to kill people....it honestly feels like you're throwing a handful of small pebbles...