Dual cast bound weapon

So this is a small pet peeve of mine, but I use the Bound Sword quite a bit.  when i know there is going to be a long fight I dual cast it to get a longer duration out of it so I can keep my resto spell ready in my left hand.   The issue though is that the Bound sword always appears in my left hand and I have no way of moving it.   Any thoughts/Ideas?


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Yup, it defaults to the left hand.  Not anyway around it that I know of.

>.< thats what I was afraid of.

Have you tried equipping a shield then selecting the bound sword spell, the shield can only go on the left arm so it might force the sword over.

when i have it in my favorites menu i just right trigger to equip it then left trigger equip another spell or a dagger or whatever, dont think ive had a prob with it putting it in my left hand.

Same thing happens to me. I think it is because spells default to the left, and Bound Sword is a spell.