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Some of this is new info, while other stuff may not be.  Be certain that there are some spoilers to follow.

New enemies:  Fodders:  "A few corpses in yellow parkas lurch upright as Isaac approaches... As he blasts these apart... The Fodders transform from their biped forms into one of two other abominations depending on how they're attacked.  After one enemy has a leg dismantled, four large spider legs burst from the bottom of its torso and it skitters forward... Another Fodder enemy gets its top half ripped off, and it responds to the destruction by growing four tendrils near its exposed spinal column.  This variant is particularly aggressive... it slashes with its whipping arms."  They note that because of these enemies, it encourages the player to not fire wildly, since that will lead to corpses rising into Fodders. 
Known internally at Visceral as the snow beast:  "When a large snow creature opens the lift's roof with its talon... the tentacle-like tongue that's emerged from the creature's gash of a mouth...  It's huge, and looks more like a bug than anything else... before the beast charges and grips him in its claws. 

Dividers:  "... as a pair of Dividers slither toward a few decapitated humans.  The creatures which look like heads with tentacles, orientate themselves into position, and then jab themselves deep into the spines of their new hosts.  The victims lurch upright, puppets to their new necromorph masters.  Each of the former humans was armed with a submachine gun, and they awkwardly fire them in Isaacs's direction.  Their attacks come in wide, clumsy arcs, but they're no less deadly... the necromorph uses its host's arms to wrench itself free from the body, and hurls itself at Isaac.  Isaac has to quickly remove the Divider from his own face before becoming another meat puppet. 

Feeder enemies:  "A Feeder is what happens when a human isn't actually infected by a Swarm or by a Divider head, but by necessity ends up eating the flesh of a turned necro."  The image of this looks like a skeleton-like necro.

Nexus necro:  "Centipede-like.  Around 30 stories tall.  Bus-sized claws.  Sucking crates, snow, and people into its disgusting face."

More than a simple linear game:
  "With DS3, we really wanted to open it up a bit.  You'll still have that really consistent linear experience... but if at any moment you want to go off the rails... you'll have the ability to explore the environment and find unique beta missions that aren't required for the completion of the game."

Telekinesis upgrade:  "He does so using his new telekinetic torque ability, which allows him to spin objects within his telekinetic grip."

Co-op workings:  "Isaac blasts the snow beast with stasis, which temporarily slows it.  Carver whirls behind the creature and fires at the orange nodules."
Tau Volantis, one setting in DS3:  "Tau Volantis was the site of an expedition in the past.  An expedition had gone on and then it had uncovered something very wrong and they were trying to take note and do what the archaeologists do."

On singleplayer vs. co-op:
  "With DS3, players can choose to play through the game alone or cooperatively with a friend.  The game's tone and story will change, depending on that decision.  'We made sure that the single-player experience in DS3 retains all of the atmospheric elements, the feeling of isolation - all the things that players come to expect from a Dead Space game are maintained when you're playing single-player,' says Steve Papoutsis, head of Visceral Games and DS3's Ex. producer.  'It's not going to feel like a different game all of a sudden.  But when players choose to play with a friend, and I make an emphasis on the word 'choose,' we want to make sure that experience feels different.  So we've created a drop-in, drop-out that actually changes when another person joins your game.'"

"If you choose to play through the game with a friend, you'll find a modified campaign that puts an emphasis on buddy moments rather than the lonely horror that Isaac has traditionally endured.  In co-op, however, Carver accompanies Isaac, and players will see new cutscenes and interactions between the two men."

"If you're torn between wanting to play through DS3 in the traditional way and teaming up with a friend, Papoutsis has a simple solution: Play through the game twice."


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I'm really exited about the new enemies, they sound pretty cool! and are the dividers from martyr? They really remind me about it...

I think that was a mistake on my part.  Pretty sure the Dividers were in DS2 too.