DS3... FPS? Space Flight Game? Thoughts...


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F***ing awesome!  Can't wait.  Give me a title name so I can go pay it off right now.  Anything by them of the same material is sure to be great.  At least it will be for the fans who are willing to step with them into a new direction.  Now, there are sure to be people who will be yelling things such as, "garbage perpetrated by heretic sell-outs!"  This is exactly like what's happening to the Resident Evil games.  Both are branching out in a new direction, WHILE they're still making true sequels.  In both cases we'll be getting a true sequel that will appeal to the people who want more of the same, and another game or so that will still appeal to the fans, but will be a new look and feel for the amazing series.  So ultimately what does this mean for myself and everyone else who won't immediately cry out to the masses?  We get to have our cake, and eat it too.  If both DS and RE were only making the new style of game, I would be very pissed.  But we get to have a true sequel, and experience a new style of game.  Two new DS games is far better than one.  I can't wait.  A high paced FPS game with strong horror aspects would be amazing sitting next to my copy of DS3.  The DS2 forum is almost a dead space (ha ha) but this could get interesting. 

Im just excited for the DS3 sequel but I wouldn't mind trying a FPS. As long as its DS I'm happy. But I'm definitely not into the whole Uncharted type thing or the space flight game lol. But hey, if they can get a wider audience then great. As you said its still a win-win for me. I am desperately fiening for DS3!

Yeah a space flight game doesn't interest me either.  A FPS could be pretty sick in their hands.  And yeah, a true sequel is a must.  Anything else is a bonus we don't have to buy.

So...sort of like Extraction, but not on rails?

Ugh....FPS? Please tell me that is just an option and it is still Third Person? I understand creators wanting to try something new but i love the third person perspective of Dead Space i love seeing what the armor looks like that im wearing. I have played too many FPSs as a matter of fact it seems like there are way too many FPS than TPS. Look im not totally dissing this idea as long as it is just an OPTION. I just want to continue the story of Issac Clark........in Third Person.

^^ yeah the FPS of Dead Space would be a spin off game I believe, definitely separate from the Dead Space we know. It's been awhile since I read up on the articles but I'm quite sure they said if they make a Dead Space FPS it will not be apart of this series.

^^ Okay then im cool with that just as long as they keep the main story (from 1 and 2) Third Person. Any info on what story they are planning to tell with the FPS one or is the FPS idea still going around

It's still just an idea thankfully, may not even happen. Only thing for certain is that DS3 is coming :) from the way it looks it'll be 2013 with an announcement this year I'm hoping.