DS3 Crafting system vs DS/DS 2 system

Which do you prefer?

I've only played the demo, but I found the crafting thing a bit complicated. Maybe I'm a bit thick, but found the instructions confusing.

I prefer the older simpler method of just aquiring weapons - it was fun upgrading them.



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It's really not that difficult once you get around the learning curve.  Besides, you don't necessarily have to make a weapon.  There are pre made ones you can unlock with enough junk that you find.

DS3 crafting is WAYYYY better than the old games. It's not rocket science, you just have to spend some time with it. As the guy above said, you can just use blueprints if you don't wanna create your own tools of death.

its brilliant for them to have done it like that, it really allows you to build a deadly weapon, once you get use to it

I understand why they went the way the did with 3 it's a really cool idea, and can see why people like it but i personally prefer dead space 2 system. I loved making a wide ling gun and a plasma cutter with damage it's all you need.

^^ You can still do that. I'm doing a Impossible playthrough with just a PlanetCracker :)

He means the weapon upgrading system. I personally prefer Dead Space 2's system over DS3's circuits as well, but there are more options in DS3 for complete weapon customization. One of the things I miss is the plasma cutter being an unstoppable force like in previous games. It just doesn't have that now.

I guess it's just a preference thing. At first I didn't really understand the circuits but now it's as simple as DS2 was. Speaking of the PC, I upgraded mine and its pretty insane. I used +3DMG +3Clip for 3 slots and +3DMG +3RLD for the last slot and the bottom row is all Reload circuits.

Was a great addition to the game, just icing on the Dead Space cake.

ds 3 weapon crafting is the bomb

^^ Yes it is, I need to hit the bench and see what else I can come up with. I may do something with the Line Gun, hmmmm.