DS2 Zealot Playthrough... check it out...

Alright, so I got and beat Dead Space 2 no problem a while back. I wasn't initially going to attempt a Zealot (hardest difficulty) playthrough any tie soon, but since my friend is directly competing with me on achievements with this game, I decided to go ahead and blow him out of the water. So anyway, after starting up my Zealot playthrough, I've encountered so many weird glitches in the game. My normal playthrough was no prob. However now, when I die, half the time the game suspends forever on the loading screen.--Not frozen.--Just loading forever with no end (I've waited up to 15mns once to be sure). The guide button still works and I have to exit to the Dashboard. And the other half of the time, it loads up with miscellaneous problems. Like my equipped weapon in the first slot (D-Pad Up) is unusable.--It hasn't disappeared, as I can still see the icon on my equipment screen. It just turns invisible and can't fire. Also, I can't use the Right Trigger melee anymore. I've manipulated certain weapons and slots to that doesn't happen, but after a checkpoint, the doors don't seem to load either.--Checkpoints from death and both manual reloading checkpoints. It just sits there forever just like on the loading screen. Also, the enemies glitch out and disappear when they pop out of vents.


It's bizarre. Like I said, my first playtrhough had no problems. But I thought it was possible the disc got scratched some time in between then and now. But both discs?? I've had the problem on the first and second. I installed it to my HDD a while ago and though maybe there were a bad sector in there, so I re-installed it.--Still the same problems. So I uninstalled it completely so it can read it directly from the disc and still problems. If I want to play, I have to load from my last actual save from a station. I thought maybe it was the update, but the problem was before lthe last update as well. It's so weird. Any solutions? Anyone with the same problems? I'm currently on chapter 11/13. I just want to finish it before something dumb happens that makes my save unplayable.


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