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I recently purchased a Rock Band licensed drum kit from my friend. Everything works great, but I'm having a hard time adjusting to it (I used to be on strictly Vocals). I'm not really hitting the notes and into the feel, you know? I calibrated my system and everything is running perfectly, but I seem to have trouble keeping up on EASY. Is there any tips you can throw my way to better drumming? Could someone perhaps tutor me?


I have ADHD, also, so I'm very hyperactive. I notice I tend to hit the notes early because I just want to play them already. Can anyone help?


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Maybe try a higher difficulty?

Also my tip is to keep the pedal pressed down at all times.

The bass pedal? Why do you say that?

Because when I started I kept my foot up and just pressed it down when I needed to. Things got much easier when I kept it pressed down and tapped my foot instead.

I'll try that and post back here if it helps me.

lol, tutor you? First you said it's hard for you to keep up and then you said you hit the notes too early, so which is it? Heel-up and heel-down is strictly preference. You might find that keeping your heel up is more comfortable. You have to experiment, basically. Great drummers use a combination of both techniques for different songs. My advice is to try to up the speed a bit (I know there's a way to do this in the modifiers), so that could help a lot. Learning the drums has to do with keeping in time, and following the rhythm. If you're off, just keep practicing. Find a song you really like and just keep doing it over and over. Eventually, your body will understand the timing of the song and the bpm (or beats per minute) will come naturally.

I finally know what BPM stands for.

Jeez, no offense, but I figured you were some kind of really good drummer. I didn't know you just started playing.


Just ... keep playing. I started out on medium, played hard briefly, then went to expert in the original Rock Band. I'm still not the best player in the world, but certainly better than I was 5 years ago. x_x

My dog chewed my drum sticks.


Now I'm back as a frontman.


We can let this thread die now.


Also, I took that guys advice and now I can somewhat play on Hard. I learn quickly.


I am on The Beatles Rock Band.