Drum pedals??

does anyone know where i can still get one that isnt like 100 bucks?? i just need a second for double bass drums but i cant find any except amazon and they are like 100 bucks for a dumb @@@ plastic pedal?? any help would be great


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Search Google.  No one posts here anymore.

I see them at gamestop for around $30.  Canada.  Also comes with the splitter for the double bass.

using 2 for double bass is pointless. if you use the splitter, all it is is a normal splitter you can get from most electronic stores, so its nothing special. which brings me to my second point. if you use one, one pedal MUST be up for the other one to work right, so if you do it too fast it will miss. its just easier to use both feet on the one pedal.

If you get the Twinrocker from www.omegamusictechnology.com/.../twin-rocker that allows independent double pedals. As far as finding a replacement pedal, you're pretty much stuck with Ebay at this point. Not sure why they aren't being manufactured anymore.