drop zone is a little messed up :\

i played it today and got 4000 xp just from the score, i thought wow i must get a good match bonus on top of that, what a great game mode, fun and lots of xp!

No. i only got 1500 from the score and match bonus combined at the end, what?! and then i figured it out, the +20 you get each second must not go towards your xp :\ 


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What is Drop Zone?

[quote user="ShawtyTheStokie"]

What is Drop Zone?

[/quote]A new community gametype.

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I think its weird that when i play, I only get a few matches in before the "disconnected from modern warfare servers" message pops up. This doesnt happen in other modes.

I don't like the drop zone mode in public lobbies. I have played it with a few friends in a private match and it was fun but in public lobbies there are way to many KSRs in the sky to enjoy it.

I already got sick of drop zone 

hmm, i can't see it on my mw3??

i have played 2 games of this mode and realised it was messed up

if i want to play atype like this i would play HQ  there at least you get decent  XP

i can only handle 2 games a night of this k/d campers delight. Played with a no older who went 44-20 in just about every match camping the drop zones.  Pathetic. The game mode is turning into pure rubbish full of aholes.

it's a shame because i really enjoyed the game type. it's not a good way to level up tho, not enough xp compared to dom, KC, HQ