Drop your supplies

I just seen a post over at the EA forums that reminded me i wanted to post a similar thread.

If you got med packs drop em , they aint just to heal yourself , if you got ammo drop it , its just to resupply yourself , if you have arespawn beacon put it somewhere handy that'll help your whole squad out , its not just so you can respawn on the outskirts of a map in a good sniping place.

THIS IS A TEAM GAME :))  I realise its attracting alot of new players which can only be a good thing overall but you need to start dropping your stuff so everybody can benifit from it , drop medpacks and ammo near battle points , choke points , help everyone out.............you get mucho points too :))


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^^^^    PLEASE Listen to this man!!!  

Left / Right on the Dpad!! Just press it!!!


seriously, every time i play it looks like im the only one using the left / right on dpad.

I got matched up last night with three guys all in the same clan , as soon as we engaged anybody a health pack and an ammo pack went down , thats the way we need to play :) . We were also dropping them at random points for other players. It really made a differance playing with guys who knew how to play , raised my game makes me miss my clan days on the PC , thats why we need to help  the new players :))

Totally agree . great post.