Drop em like Liquid (On Hard)

Could REALLY use an assist in the Co Op mission, Drop em like liquid. Nobody EVER uses a mic for some odd reason, and everytime we get to the point of rescuing the hostages from the two buses, the fail begins. Need to communicate as far as who takes what bus, ETC. I will be attempting this mission at 1:30 ET THIS MORNING 11/5 (Playing in Florida) So if you need to beat this mission as much as myself, add me...And if you dont have a mic, then for the love of everything that is holy, take the bus on the RIGHT!


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Agreed...   Common sense would dictate that you you whatever bus is with the window you're in...  Ie..  left takes left...  People are morons...

I'll give you a hand. I do have a mic, and I've beaten the mission several times but I still need the achievement for being undetected throughout the whole thing.

If you wanna get the undetected thing, just do it on the easiest difficulty. It took me and a friend awhile, but we got it. I too would like a partner at some point to get these completed on hard.

Go ahead and add me then mate. I still have guns to unlock so I'll be up for co-op almost any time.