Driver 3: San Francisco

This looked good on the previews, then I saw the most recent vid for it on Xbox Dashboard.

Is there any particular reason why the devs thought that Tanner should be given "super" powers, to be able to shapeshift into different vehicles and then back again?

Completely rubbish idea. Tanner didnt do it on Driver 1 & 2, why now?


Wont be buying it now.


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The last gameplay vid looked nice...but the Shift power have nonsense . Ubi last changes in games are getting really bad IMO.

It's already on my wish list for me to check out!

It was on my list, but like I said I saw the recent vid and just was not impressed.

Complete rubbish.

Whatever next?  They'll be giving football players in Fifa 12 super abilities

The option to shift between cars becomes because he his in coma. He's dreaming about that what you do in the game.

I've only recently shown an interest in this and I've got to say online looks like it could be great fun for an arcade style racer.

I've never played the previous Driver games so have no preconceptions of what it should or shouldn't be.

Handling looks a little wobbly, but from the gameplay vids I've seen it more than makes up for it in fun.

I will be getting Forza 4 for my racing fix but for pure crazy mayhem racing in a burnout style this is now a must buy for me.

Well;  i played the demo and although was good didn't convince me . The original version gameplay is better than this new version IMO.

One thing that i really hate is that it seems the majority of the missions will be time based. Time based mission are ok in racing games or racing missions but not in all kind of missions IMO.

Yep, played the demo this week. Still not convinced.

Bad Instincts, I agree that the time-based missions dont really sit well with this game. I ran out of time on 2 occasions trying to evade the police, who I just couldnt shake off.

The shift feature is still really stupid IMO.

Maybe this will be one to rent to get a few cheevos from, not something I'll be adding to my collection though, it'll be a waste of £40.

Not the driver I remember enjoying. You can already tell this will be a very boring game.

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After watching the video preview that Gametrailers put up, I decided to take it off my game queue for Gamefly. I just won't have time for it and there are much better games coming out around its release (Deus Ex, Dead Island and Madden 12).

I am going to save it for next summer when there is the usual summer drought.


My advice to you the demo if you didn't.