Drivatar is underhyped

I saw the videos and listened to the devs. Until you play the game drivatars don't make a lot of sense. It's awesome seeing the AI cars not follow the perfect line every time. Cutting people off, jerking to the outside, going off the track, brake checking in front of you. So many things happen in this game that keep it original every race.


It's also funny seeing my friends in there. I know it's not them driving, but I curse their name every time they slam into me or rocket past me when I make a mistake. Awesome feature.


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Agree but its not like taking notes ( in person) from crunch and G.  I got my pin and pad ready you two!

LOL @Peddler


Wait...you have a pin?  From what?  A grenade that you're planning on throwing under my car?  :P


So, here's a question...(I think I already know the answer, but I'm just curious).  As far as people on your friends list showing up as drivatars in-game...do you only race against the drivatars of people who have actually played the game, or can you populate a race with the names of people on your friends list, and have them use like a generic drivatar that pulls data and driving characteristics randomly from all data available on the cloud?

I'm pretty sure that it's only people who have played the game. You're always playing against other drivatars and one won't exist for a player until it's set-up by completing the first couple races in FM5.


I've never seen a Trippul G opponent in any of my races.

You may not have seen G, Crunch but you are in everyone of my races.  When I first seen your tag, I grabbed my mic ( paused game) and checked to see if you had started a party.  I smashed your car in the corner for the past three turns...then found out it was you (your car).  Then (finally understood) noticed how this was working.  I felt bad for a minute cause I thought you where playing while I played bumper cars with your paint job :)

LOLOLOL. That's awesome!!


One of my biggest concerns right now is that my Drivatar is being a jerk in the races of my friends. I'm still waiting for my Thrustmaster wheel to arrive and I'm all over the place driving with the controller.


You can ram my drivatar all you want. I just hope he's not ramming you too much!!!!


I'll be on and up for a racing party tonight. Hope to see you online!!!

Would love to join you guys, but unless you're willing to schlep it with us scrubs back in FM4, I'll have to live vicariously through the two of you. ;)

Well, looks like I need to learn drive better or upgrade my brakes.  I have had 3 friends tell me my drivatar is rough in the corners....very rough in the corners.  No crunch, your drivatar is really good.  Some tracks its stays in 2nd place but most of the time it stays about 3 to 4 sec ahead of me ( me in second).  Its a beast.

Go to know! Thanks Peddler!!


I've seen your drivetar in my races and I've seen it driving pretty good. Not too "rough in the corners" in my experience.