Driftwood and the switches

I know that I'm suppose to do three different quests in order to get the Island Paradise achievement... so that I can use the switches to get the last gold key.

My problem is... when I took the letter to the carpenter in Silverpines, the usual happened.. I gave him the letter and then the thing popped up that I completed that quest and got my guild seals. I think I was a bit too quick with pushing buttons and missed the part about taking him back to Driftwood. I fast travelled back to Driftwood without. I realized right away that I needed to bring him back there, went back to get him and he's just standing in his house. I don't get an option to hold his hand or to interact with him.

Anyone else have this happen? Did I just mess up my game... that I've spent hours on? And won't be able to fully complete it by collecting all keys? 


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It's been a long time since i did that quest so i could completely wrong, but i think he makes his own way there.

It did finally work itself out.

But the guy technically is still at his house. I gave up on him and decided to get the last few gnomes I needed. I went to the castle and the achievement popped up. Went to Driftwood and I was able to get the key. Out of curiosity I went back to his house, he's still just standing there. Oh well... at least I have the keys now.