Drew Karpyshyn departs BioWare

Figured most of you have already heard this, as it was revealed yesterday.  But nonetheless it's something noteworthy if not directly related to Mass Effect 3; but BioWare in general.

A couple snippets from the Joystiq article among other articles out there:

"Karpyshyn has shaped arguably the most important aspect of BioWare's legacy in the game industry -- its stories. And now, after finishing up work on his latest project, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Karpyshyn is taking his leave"

"The story and dialog in any BioWare game is the result of an entire team of writers working together, and I often felt I received an excessive amount of the credit for the games we created." - "BioWare can get along just fine without me."

While I believe Mac Walters to be a great writer himself along with the other creative writers on the BioWare team, there's no doubt that Drew's work was no less than exceptional in virtually all of the studios past and recent present storytelling masterpieces.  Including Mass Effect, so I'm kind of bummed to see BioWare lose a writer as great as he was ending a legacy dating back for years.

Anyhow, if you're interested soak it up, if not well there's other topics to be enjoyed. :)


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I wish him well , the first three Mass Efect novels are great, but you do have to wonder what has prompted this move.

Probably wanted to move on to other things... Good people stay with companies like BioWare and SE for example, for short periods of time to build up a reputation, and then move to greener pastures. However one can't help but wonder what the future of BioWare will be, without Drew...

maybe we'll have more hamburger helper to brighten our coming days. i for one look forward to the day when we can look back and view dragon age II as the pinnacle of EA's bioware writing.

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I wish him well , the first three Mass Efect novels are great, but you do have to wonder what has prompted this move.


most likely to be able to focus more on any books he has planned to write but hasn't had the chance over the past 10 or so years that he's been with BW.

It doesn't bring me hope though. Just look at the rubbish that was Mass Effect: Deception.


How that book got through proof-reading I'll never know. Hopefully it wont be indicative of the care Bioware are going to give to their writing from now on.

while I dont think his leaving is very surprising, I do have a feeling that his writing style and EA's expectations didnt exactly mesh.  While the Mass Effect trilogy has been basically written since before ME1, now that its over, theres really no way a writer of his caliber should be getting their paycheck's from a company like EA

He's still writing the next Star Wars 'Old Republic' book so there's definitely no bad blood between him, Bioware or EA. He even said himself that he has a backlog of things he's wanted to do for a long time and now he has a chance to do them (after the next book of course).

I've read his last book, Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan, and it was a great read. A little upset about the ending, but I have heard rumors about this book being linked with the MMO, so if so, be interested in seeing how they are linked. Also, to find out what happens to Revan and ultimately the Exile.

I haven't read the last book either, but I hear it's a train wreck. The MassEffect Wiki crew actually wrote a letter to BioWare saying they can't even begin to start adding details from the last book into the Wiki as it breaks so many things. Like the Batarians suddenly having a presence on the Citadel and Leng find some Asari dancers as appealing, not to mention how Biotics were used or even the events taking place in a skewed timeline. Personally, I knew this was coming. As a writer he probably has more ideas than just Star Wars and Mass Effect, and he wants to try and branch out. He's looking for an agent for a screenplay according to his website, but I doubt it's ME related. I mean, the man's been working in the same mythos for over 5 years, I'm sure he's done.