Dream up your Character Customation Ideas

This can be used as the thread for Dragon Ball fans new or Old to post their Dream characters that they would use in the new and brain busting Dragon Ball game.


I'll get the ball round, or should i say dragon Ball rolling (cheesy pun couldnt help myself)


My characters apperance would be a default height or taller. I'd choose the tradtional Turtle Hermit Gi Go Kame Sen'nin along with the weighted clothes that kami Sama provides his pupils. I'd choose some random hair style.


But my favorite part would be choosing the moveset for my character.


if transformation are included with customs then that would be the icing on the cake.


Base would include Supers: Final Flash. Taken from gogeta and Vegeta ssj3.

                                             Makankosappo. Taken from Piccolo

                                             Explosive Combation. Taken from Son Gohan SSJ and SSJ 2.

                                             Blinding Wolf fang Gale. Taken from Yamcha.


Ulimate attack would be. The true Kamehameha. Taken from Son Goku SSJ 3 to go along with my turtle hermit fashion.

I also heard that the fighting style can be implentmented onto your custom hero from another character.

Mine would be the fighting styles of Tenshinhan from the Crane hermit teachings.



 I cant wait to here all of your great ideas.


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mine is black trunks pony tail hair brown skin saiyan scouter turtle hermit  and fighting style vegeta with final flash meteor smash true kamehameha kaioken atack and finisher final kamehameha

if it be possible i would make my character be able to go ssj 4 and the ssj levels before as well

black hair

super kamehameha

kamehameha x10

a rush attack


big bang kamehameha x100

i would try making a black super saiyan and a ssj4 gohan and ssj4 trunks. both with the specials of super spirit bomb! :)

El sistema de custamizacion es tan sumamente pobre que me da ganas de llorar.. La verdad no tenian que coomplicarse mucho la cabeza...  Deverias poder elegir raza (human,sayan,namekiano,alienigena,androide MINIMO) y una variedad de creacion, que pudieras llegar a hacer personajes tipo cell freezer jamenba broly etc...Y bueno viendo que solo puedes hacer a primos de gokuh con distintoos (7u8 a  lo sumo) y colores...con una variedad de ropa lamentable... La cosa podria mejorar un poco si se desbloquearan opciones JUGANDO pero con la costumbre que estan cojiendo de vendernos paquetitos... enfin. Seguramente siga dandole caña al tenkaichi 3! que ese no les salio mal del todo. Un par de arreglos a ese juego, agregarle el tag y ponerlo online y dejaos de mierdas:P Un saludo!

Mine supers and ultimate would be probably be:


Perfect Game from Super Vegito ( if it is there ).

Spirit Sword from Super Vegito or Maximum Flasher from Super Sayain vegeta.


True kamehameha form Goku Super Sayain 3 .

My fighting style would be from Goku or Vegito.

I would wear something  like Vegito except black on the inside and red on the outside and a black belt

And my hair would be bed hair or hair like teen gohan.

Well you can unlock new hair styles, clothes, skills etc. in Hero mode

oh ya and you guys know you can only have 2 supers.

I Wish I knew all the combinations but wolf fang fist would be my pick

I wish it had a longer hero mode with a 12 new enemy's dark ghost that can take over people's bodys Goku s.s.j.4  Vegeta s.s.j.4

Krillin Gohan Trunks Goten Yamcha  androids 16 17 18 19 20 dark ghost is omega shenon and powers up to super omega shenron looks the same but he his a different color black with red spikes and green dragon balls in his chest 

all characters that has dark ghost Controling them start at 100,000 hp

  battle 1 krillin and yamcha ( ssj2 hero mode character )

battle 2 ssj2 gohan ssj1 goten ssj1 trunks ssj3 gotenks  ( ssj3 hero mode character )\

battle 3 androids 16 17 18 19 20 ( ssj4 hero mode character )

battle 4 ssj4 goku and vegeta - omega shenron - super omega shenron ( ssj4 beast mode - hero mode character )

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